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The Nation's Farm

The Nation's Farm has abided by the strict guidelines and regulations set by the GCIA and USDA.  The Nation's Farm does not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals.  Through our all-natural methods, we enrich the soil which in turn enriches our bodies with produce that is high in nutrients and vitamins. 

Our Farming Practices

Food today is incredibly deficient in vitamins and minerals resulting in the onset of food-related diseases.  The Green Revolution in the 50's, saw farms switch from organic methods to an over-reliance on chemical fertilizers.  Chemical fertilizers provide nutrients to plants but do nothing to enrich or sustain the soil.  Organic amendments are slowly broken down by microbes in the soil that slowly release nutrients over time.  This slow release of nutrients is responsible for sustaining the health and structure of the soil. The key to healthy produce that is full of minerals and nutrients is healthy soil. The Nation's Farm uses strictly organic practices and amendments such as chicken manure and earthworm castings to enrich soil health and fertility.  As chicken manure is broken down, it releases high amounts of macro and micronutrients which are taken up by plant roots.  When plants uptake these nutrients it is passed into their fruit, resulting in fruit that is full of life.  Earthworms decompose organic material and this activity results in soil that is dark and fertile.  As they feed, they secrete castings that aerate the soil, increase organic matter and overall improve the health of the soil.


The Nation's Farm is in the process of getting organically certified, and this strict process ensures that only the best cultural methods are used, resulting in the most nourishing and tasty produce available.  Most of the produce found in grocery stores and supermarkets are shipped long distances and harvested immaturely. When harvested immature, they are robbed of their full nourishment and flavor. Tomatoes, peppers and oranges are a few examples of produce that are harvested in big batches and pumped with ethylene gas to quicken ripening.  Most major grocery stores use this process and this is why tomatoes, and oranges taste so bland. As fruit or vegetables mature on plants, they are pumped with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are essential for our immune system. We harvest are produce fully mature which provides the freshest, sweetest and most nutritious produce on the market. The Nation's Farm does not use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers commonly found in conventional farming,  Chemical pesticides and herbicides have been linked to certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, and many other severe health problems. By not spraying these toxic chemicals, we are protecting the environment by saving the bees and other pollination insects and animals.     

Vegetable Farm
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